Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Totally sensational.... Absolutely Inspirational

This past weekend I had the opportunity of attending The Workshop.

I don't know what was more exciting... getting to learn from two of my favorite photographers (Catherine Ritchie Park & Jessica Ashley ), or getting to photograph these beautiful people.

Ever meet someone that is inspirational? It's her.

AND she's a designer!

Such a sweet couple...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shoot 4 Freedom

If this blog were a piece of notebook paper, you could see run-ons (which still may occur), eraser marks, and lines crossed through this very first sentence that I've re-written at least a dozen times. So.... instead of trying to impress you with a witty or metaphorical beginning, lets just be honest: Today was not about me...

It was about them.


Move 4 Freedom.

....the thousands of girls that are trafficked to Calcutta every year and the one girl who stole my heart and forced me to no longer be a bystander.

It's about the madam I befriended whom I hated before ever stepping foot in India.

It's about the cycle. The cycle that won't stop unless it starts being addressed at its core.

And today, 30 brave women and children from metro Atlanta and Uganda gathered to share how the news of trafficking changed their world. As each woman and child brought in an item that symbolized trafficking, I watched in admiration for the mothers whose children had now become little "freedom fighters."

One little girl said, "I brought my bear. This has been in my family for generations and was passed down to me. This symbolizes my childhood. It symbolizes my family's childhood. The girls in Calcutta never got that..."

I held back tears as I was quickly reminded of the names.... and faces... and hands... and laughs that I missed so much... but knew-  at that moment I was doing exactly what I should be doing: A photoshoot to raise awareness and funds for these girls to have life!

I hope you enjoy the first snippets of this shoot. The gallery will be displayed in Starbucks on 14th street in Atlanta for the entire month of April. Photos are available for purchase and will benefit Move 4 Freedom & Kids with Destiny.

For more information on how to get involved, please visit either of those pages or e-mail me!
Her eyes get me every time.

Hair & Makeup was provided for our volunteer models.

McKayla is having fun serving breakfast to the children from Uganda.

One of the little "freedom fighters"

A girl with a story to tell.

Special Thanks:
Kids with Destiny: For your belief in a small-town girl :)
Move 4 Freedom Team: Although not published yet, you know who you are! Thank you for all you do!
Journey : For allowing us the use of your awesome loft-style building!
Justin Gaston : For your amazing video talent! (and always distracting "fun-ness")
Libby Anne: For your incredible artistic eye and patience with my ever changing style. Your heart for these girls is amazing.
Janna Evans: my incredibly organized .... seriously, the ice storm was a blessing because I could not have done today with out you!
Katheryne English: for keeping me legal :) & inspiring me.